Chris Renshaw is the President and Chief Executive Officer of REDI Enterprise Development.  With more than 30 years of industry expertise, largely within the context of software and risk management, Renshaw oversees the overall strategic direction of REDI.

Before REDI, Renshaw served as President and founder of Yellow Hammer Inc., a transaction-based fraud solution provider, where he directed business and software development initiatives. Prior to that, he served as a retail delivery manager for Jack Henry & Associates where he was responsible for managing several product lines and providing implementation support for various clients.

Renshaw also previously served as president and founder of Vertex Inc., an automated teller system, and as a result of Renshaw’s guidance, Vertex is installed in more than 850 banks. Prior to founding Vertex, Renshaw served as the Preferred Trainer for the Alabama Credit Union League, where he instructed classes pertaining to software and the financial industry. At Alabama Bancorp, Renshaw served as the General Manager of Data Processing Operations. Here, he consolidated three separate and remote bank operations into one centralized operations center, maximizing efficiency and dramatically reducing costs. Renshaw also worked for ALLTELL as a computer operator in the savings and loan data center.   

In addition, Renshaw is an active member of the Association for Financial Technology (AFT), an organization designed to help financial institutions succeed in today’s dynamic marketplace. ​